How to get there

The congress will take place at the carlos I Hotel situated by the beach in a small tourist town called SANXENXO.

Here is the list of the closest airports:
- Vigo, Spain (about 60km to Sanxenxo)
- Santiago de Compostela, Spain (about 85km to Sanxenxo)
- Oporto, Portugal (about 170km to Sanxenxo)

There is limited public transport to get from the airport to the hotel in Sanxenxo. Here are some options:
- hire a car at the airport
- we can put you in contact with those participants already hiring a car to share the ride/fees
- we can arrange transport for you for an additional fee (see below)
- take a taxi (arranged transport is a cheaper option)

Arranged transport:
- the transport will be arranged according to your arrival time
- the price stated is per car, that is, the driver can take between 1 and 4 passengers and will charge the stated price per trip
- if you fly alone or with a friend and wish to share the car with more participants, contact us to put you in touch with other passangers arriving at a similar time
- the arranged transport must be reserved in advance. Please provide your full name, telephone number and exact flight information

The price per car (not necessarily per person) for arranged transport:
if you fly from Vigo - 30 euros (approximately 45 minutes)
if you fly from Santiago - 40 euros (approximately 1 hour)
if you fly from Oporto - 90 euros (approximately 2 hours)

Another option if you fly to Oporto (The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport):
1) you can take a bus ( right from the Oporto airport terminal to Vigo bus station
2) you reserve arranged transport from Vigo bus station to Sanxenxo

Autna bus schedule:
Oporto airport terminal - Vigo bus station (work days)
08:45 - 11:35
10:45 - 13:35 (also weekends)
13:45 - 16:35
18:15 - 21:05
21:45 - 00:30 (also weekends)
*note that Portugal is one hour behind Spain

Vigo bus station - Oporto airport terminal (work days)
04:30 - 05:15
09:00 - 09:45 (also weekend)
12:00 - 12:45
16:30 - 17:15
19:00 - 19:45 (also weekends)
*note that Portugal is one hour behind Spain

In any case, you can always contact us to consult the best option for you, we are here to help :)